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IGA008 - The Inner World Of Lee: A few opinions, ideas, and concepts
IGA007 - RespectfulBeats: Drumming as a Therapeutic Experience for Seniors
IGA6 - Does Aging Connect Us To Our Soul? Understanding Our Spiritual Maturation Process.

IGA6 - Does Aging Connect Us To Our Soul? Understanding Our Spiritual Maturation Process.

September 3, 2016


For this episode, Lee chats with Arthur Reublinger, who has been a hospice chaplain for many years. He could easily be considered to be a ["Silver Inspiration"] if he could just slow down enough in his life to even find out what that is. Now we can hear some of you roll your eyes already. But for those of you more introspective, just wait till you hear what this conversation contains.

They start off their discussion in the area of hospice care. (Lee: "I should actually do an entire episode on that topic because, as I discover, there is much more to learn there.") But the breadth of questions that follow in this discussion go well beyond that initial topic. This episode is sure to keep the interest of anyone who has ever wondered what they should believe.

IGA5- Essential Advise on Elder Abuse Exposes The Tip Of The Iceberg
IGA1: Starting The Journey - An Overview of the Future

IGA1: Starting The Journey - An Overview of the Future

August 24, 2016

Summary: This is the introduction episode in a long journey to understanding ourselves and our culture, as we gain the advantages of age in the 2nd half of our lives. The podcast series is dedicated to getting older gracefully, powerfully, and consciously.This opening episode helps you to determine how this podcast series can provide value to you as you get older in our culture. It offers an overview of the sort of topics that are planned, and a flavor for the messages that will be promoted by the series. It also details how you can get involved in these messages.

IGA2- Patient Advocacy Exposes What Hospitals Don’t Want you To Know
IGA3- A Story Of Personal Research And Cure

IGA3- A Story Of Personal Research And Cure

August 24, 2016

Lee has the privilege of speaking to Len Smith (71 y.o.) , who is also being featured in our upcoming "Silver Inspirations" list. In this episode they chat about several conditions that seem to afflict older people -  Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Diabetes, and Dementia. 

Len was diagnosed with AMD in 1994. The current information at that time was that this condition was incurable. Len tells a unique story of how his research and changing habits has led to not just curing the condition, but actually reversing it altogether. He provides a 4-pronged approach to anyone who currently suffers with this. 

Lee and Len then move  to discuss dementia, suggesting various correlations between dementia with diet and exercise. Len's passion and personal research has led him to give various public talks on subject, incurring 4100 miles of driving while doing so.

IGA4- Looking Back On 89 Years
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