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TAA042: Cultural Evolution Through The Eyes Of An Elder

TAA042: Cultural Evolution Through The Eyes Of An Elder

July 17, 2020

Lee Deeply respects the wisdom and perspectives of the elders in our culture. The changes they have seen in their lifetime often provide useful insights about what lies at the heart of many of our current events. In this episode, Lee has the opportunity to speak with 94-year-old elder - Priscilla. They discuss the culture and society as it was and how it has evolved to the characteristics around us today. Priscilla points to many cultural factors such as the elimination of Sunday Blue laws, the introduction of factories, World war 2 and the Vietnam War, and the rise of social media as a cultural influence. She also muses on the many pursuits she has engaged in during her time - piano, painting, Tai-chi. Her ability to speed read helps her to stay cognitively sharp and up-to-date on current events. Join Lee in this intriguing conversation with an engaging elder to see where your insights will fall.

TAA041: Can My Feet Support Me As Well As My Hands Have?

TAA041: Can My Feet Support Me As Well As My Hands Have?

May 15, 2020

Join Lee as he continues to share his insights and experiences in handling the challenges of aging. In this episode, he shares the difficulties of going blind in one eye. Aging forces us to accept who we are becoming. The question is: How are we dealing with those challenges? Are we sidelined by them, or do we choose to see these as opportunities to learn more about ourselves and the possibilities that our inevitable aging bring? Lee goes into his personal history in facing medical trauma, knowing that the master is not the one who has the best circumstance, but one who makes the best from any circumstance. Lee firmly believes that you cannot have bad without good. They are flip sides of the same coin. As he promised, Lee allows his listeners and Insider’s Club members to follow along with his aging journey as he explores these somber adventures with acute glaucoma and blindness in his right eye.

TAA040: Who you WERE vs. Who you ARE - How Aging changes our thinking

TAA040: Who you WERE vs. Who you ARE - How Aging changes our thinking

February 25, 2020

Lee is back to explore how our thoughts evolve with us. More specifically, this episode discusses the human value system and how it typically changes with the years. Human values are the virtues that guide us to take into account the human element when we interact with other human beings. They determine how we feel and treat others on a small and large scale. These values help us to determine what is right or wrong in our lives. Lee has observed that our values (e.g. Achievement, Hedonism, Security, Conformity, Tradition, Power, etc.) changes as we age. He offers 4 introspective questions whose answers reveal who you were, as well as who you have become in relation to your values. He also shares his own answers to these questions to show the changes that have occurred in his thinking over the past 25 years. Listen and join Lee in a powerful tool to help you forgive your past and chart a brighter future.

TAA039: Exploring Medical Marijuana with Dr. Rachna Patel

TAA039: Exploring Medical Marijuana with Dr. Rachna Patel

February 1, 2019

Lee's guest for this episode is Dr. Rachna Patel, whose practice has given her the reputation of being the Medical Marijuana Expert. Together, they bring this controversial topic into the light to answer many common questions (and a few uncommon ones). The conversation is packed with information such as - Medical vs. Recreational; the medical conditions that can be directly addressed with these treatments; who should avoid medical marijuana; Big Pharma's role, plus much more.

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IGA032: Introducing The Aging Academy

IGA032: Introducing The Aging Academy

June 14, 2017

The challenges of aging is something most of us are not yet familiar with. But we will all face these challenges. And who will teach us how to see and approach these difficulties (or pleasures) of getting older. This episode introduces "the Aging Academy" where Lee offers to become a "pioneer for aging" by exposing his personal challenges that affect him as the years mount up. Lee, like everyone else, is getting older. Increasing stress, shifting priorities, aching bones, and changing social patterns all have their impact, and Lee wants to share with you, through the Aging Academy, how he is (or is not) dealing with these issues in his life. Lee talks about his anticipation and expectation for the Aging Academy project to be a source of specific information on tackling common problems of aging in our culture   

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