The Aging Academy Podcast

IGA032: Introducing The Aging Academy

June 14, 2017

The challenges of aging is something most of us are not yet familiar with. But we will all face these challenges. And who will teach us how to see and approach these difficulties (or pleasures) of getting older. This episode introduces "the Aging Academy" where Lee offers to become a "pioneer for aging" by exposing his personal challenges that affect him as the years mount up. Lee, like everyone else, is getting older. Increasing stress, shifting priorities, aching bones, and changing social patterns all have their impact, and Lee wants to share with you, through the Aging Academy, how he is (or is not) dealing with these issues in his life. Lee talks about his anticipation and expectation for the Aging Academy project to be a source of specific information on tackling common problems of aging in our culture   

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